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Join The Team At Blue Cow

Blue Cow Cheese Company is committed to developing a diverse team in which all employees are fairly treated, with respect and have the opportunity to contribute to business success and realise their potential.

Ideal candidates for a position at Blue Cow Cheese Company demonstrate leadership capability, technical knowledge, a dedicated work ethic and the ability to work well with others.

We also look for people who share the Blue Cow values:

  • Integrity: Being honest, respectful and transparent in a genuine way
  • Safety: Performing reliably, satisfactorily and sustainably
  • Innovation: Continually seeking out new and creative solutions to challenges
  • Collaboration: Working together to achieve a common goal
  • Passion: Being enthusiastic, committed and dedicated

If you are an experienced worker or a new entrant to the work force, Blue Cow Cheese Company is looking for people who share our passion.

All applications are treated on merit and according to their skill sets, abilities and aptitudes only.

Are you searching for the opportunity to realise your potential and work in a team orientated company who is committed to the Blue Cow value policy

Are you interested in working with us. Please look for our vacancies at or email