Why Blue Cow Cheese Co

Our Story

Cheese is our passion, and is embedded in our culture. It’s constantly on our minds, and on our breaths (sorry!). We are forever talking about it; we crave it; we even lose sleep over it (we partially blame the surreal blue cheese dreams for that!). Our love of cheese is systemic from a love of food in general, and is one of the endless triumphs along the great food journey.

Our close alliances with revered artisanal cheesemakers has provided us with an exclusive, varied, and esteemed range of cheeses at our disposal. As such, flights leave Charles de Gaulle and Venice Marco Polo airport/s every fortnight laden with fresh cheeses from across Europe, bound for our cheese rooms and larders – delivering the freshest cheese available anywhere within Australia. This means you get the world’s best cheeses in the world’s best condition.

Although we have grown as a company and are now considered the leading independent specialty cheese importer, exporter, distributor, and retailer in Australia, and stock the finest restaurants, wineries, provedores, and homes throughout the country, we still remain the same personable, boutique cheese specialist from 1998. We run regular workshops, tastings, and classes with staff and clients, as well as hosting prestigious specialty tasting/pairing events for the public.

We regularly frequent our European suppliers, and continue to search for new (which often translates to old) cheese makers and affineurs – those which have remained guarded village secrets. Our range of New World cheese continues to expand as exciting, new cheese makers begin to emerge and embrace this most noble of traditions – and this thrills us greatly.

Our acute logistics capabilities ensure cheeses are air and sea freighted promptly and hygienically in temperature-controlled storage facilities specific to cheese varietals. Our maturing rooms and warehouse abide to the strictest hygiene standards, and are constantly reviewed by our own internal hygiene body (as well as officially licenced health inspectors). This guarantees not only the freshest cheeses, but also the finest representation of the cheese. It is these exacting standards, and blind dedication (which may seem a little nutty to others) that makes our cheese truly the world’s best cheese.

Our Values






Our Values

Meet The Owner

Our story begins where most (cheese) origin stories begin: Europe. In the Summer of 1990, Blue Cow Cheese Co founder, Nick Bath, left Australia to embark on a backpacking odyssey throughout the old continent in search of adventure, romance, and inspiration… And returned with cheese. One could argue he found what he was looking for!

Working in leading fromageries throughout London, Nick honed and developed his craft – frequently travelling to mainland Europe to source and discover rarefied, exclusive cheeses, and form long-lasting friendships with artisanal cheesemakers and affineurs.

Returning to Perth, Nick desired to utilise this knowledge to create a company specialising in the importation, distribution, and retail of specialty cheeses and fine foods, and in 1998, Blue Cow Cheese Co was established. Nick’s vision was, and remains to this day, to introduce the people of Australia to the finest quality dairy produce from both the Old and New Worlds.

Meet The Team

The Blue Cow Cheese Co team is a provedore of food lovers and technicians who share a common aim: to source and deliver the finest quality dairy products and customer service.

A close-knit family, we work alongside our colleagues and partners to craft a harmonious atmosphere just perfect for the maturing of fine cheeses and strong, collaborative working relationships.

Gemma Maher

Gemma Maher

Business Development Manager

Robyn Bellis

Robyn Bellis

Purchasing Manager