Westerway Berries

Cheese Wire
01 Sep 2017

We’re very pleased to introduce a new addition to the Blue Cow larder: Westerway Berries.

Situated on the fertile river flats of the Tyenna River, running through the Derwent Valley in Tasmania’s rugged Western Wilderness region, Lanoma Estate’s Westerway Raspberry Farm has been supplying fresh and frozen raspberries, blackcurrants, blackberries and other seasonal soft fruits to Tasmanian and Australian markets. Owned and operated by the Clark family, and with over 150 acres of land under growth, Lanoma Estate is one of Australia’s most trusted farmsteads.

With the recent controversy surrounding imported frozen fruits, Westerway Berries provides an authentic, delicious taste of the Tasmanian terroir whilst delivering uncompromised freshness. Watch their feature on Landline here.

Check out the full range of Westerway Berries here.