Kurrajong Kitchen: Artisan By Trade

Cheese Wire
18 Oct 2018

There’s no denial in the outright perfection in every single product from Kurrajong Kitchen, so naturally when they bring out a new range labelled “Artisan” how could we say no?

The Artisan Crispbread is a perfect addition to all of your cheese boards, platter, dips, cheese, anything you can imagine just put it onto these crispbreads and you will not regret a single bite!
They’ve very quickly become one of the go to snack options in the Blue Cow Office, and we love pairing it with the Daris Table Hummus, Poach Pear pates, and even on their own… seriously they are that good!

Not to mention the awe inspiring flavour combinations of Sprouted grain & Flaxseed with Raisins, Sprouted Grain with Pear & Cranberry, and (of course) the classic Poppy & Sesame.

top-with-ac-poppy-sesame top-with-ac-sp-flax-raisintop-with-ac-sp-pear-cranberry