Good food and good times with The Good Grove

Just Landed
06 Nov 2017

The warmer weather means it’s time for backyard barbecues, dinner parties on the deck, and picnics in the park. Entertaining can be one of the real joys in life, provided you have the time to prepare, or better yet, keep it simple. With Blue Cow’s new range of olives; The Good Grove it’s a breeze to lay out a delectable spread or pick up something for the party.

Let’s start with the flavours of The Good Grove Green Stuffed Olives. These large morsels conjure images of the Mediterranean region, white-domed architecture and azure water, the air fresh with a salty scent. Packed in brine, not oil, they’re a firm, meaty olive, distinctly fruity in flavour, with a hint of smokiness. The centre pimento’s sweetness is a perfect counterpoint to the saltiness of the olive.

Perfect for: a summer barbecue with family & friends, perhaps accompanied by your favourite cheese board. Whether you choose one, two or three olives, that’s up to you.

The varieties The Good Grove have included in the Five Olive Mix are the Kalamata, black, blonde, small green, and stuffed green. These are ideal for grazing as part of a meze plate or as a starter before the main meal. The citrus tang (from the real lemon and orange) and chunks of fresh garlic bring to mind a slow-cooked lamb shoulder.

Adding further depth to the flavour, a combination of fennel, oregano and rosemary bring an aromatic touch to the mix. The Good Grove have included a combination of whole and pitted, so be sure to have a pit bowl ready for your guests.

Perfect for: a simple dinner party starter, enjoyed as is from an elegant bowl. Or, for something different: gently roasted for 20 minutes and sprinkled with feta, sherry vinegar and fresh thyme for a surprisingly melty ‘wow’ moment.

The other exciting addition to The Good Grove selection are the Chilli and Garlic olives. With just the right amount of spice, these plump and juicy green olives have been given a hint of garlic, not so strong as not to be a total conversation ender for the rest of the night.

The acidity of red-wine vinegar adds its own bite, with a slow warmth from the chilli that’s suitable for everyone – not just crazed chilli-heads. The unique spice comes from the coarsely crushed coriander seeds, which lend flavour as well as a pleasant crunch every so often.

Perfect for: a decadent picnic spread, alongside some crusty bread and a couple of ice cold drinks.

All you really need to keep a table of people talking is some cold drinks, a couple of cheeses, a bowl of olives and some crusty chunks of bread. Keeping it simple when you’re entertaining also means more time with your guests, rather than doing the washing up.

If you’re ready to taste the finest olives, you’ll find the newest selection from The Good Grove at your local speciality grocer, IGA or Farmer Jacks store.