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04 Jan 2019

There’s a way to enjoy Almond Milk… for the taste?!

If there’s one place to kick off your 2019 New Years Resolutions why not start with that diet we’ve all been saying we’ll get on to in the new year. Except now the new year is here and we weren’t quite ready to give up taste this soon into a hangover. If only there was some way to start that healthy diet without losing out on taste… 

If you’ve ever had the long life store branded Almond milk, I can guarantee you’re already aware of that taste that lingers around with it. That generally comes from all the additional flavouring and the process to keep it “long life”. As a result you miss out on a whole heap of purity in taste, and who really wants that?
That’s where Inside Outs cold brew, minimalist recipe dominates in the market. It’s Almond Milk the way it’s meant to be!

You know when the ingredients list could be counted on one hand you’re off to a great start. Inside Out really proves that less is more!

With such simplicity it leaves a lot of room for variety, and Inside Out have not shied away from that. 
I don’t know about the everyone else, but I absolutely LOVE to use coconut milk in my cooking! This addition keeps everything clean and light, while maintaining the perfect taste.

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