Discover: Mt. Lofty Cheese Company

20 Nov 2018

The Mount Lofty Ranges, one of the most magical sites in the Australian landscape. Sprawling over 1600km of South Australia, it is home to… you guessed it,

Mt Lofty!

The mountain and the cheese company of course…

Crafted with the backdrop of the stunning mountain, Mt Lofty Cheese Company is as breathtaking as the hiking trails curving up and around it’s mountainous counterpart.

What you’re looking at with Mt Lofty is a complete package of cheese… a beautiful cheese mountain if you will.

On a side note… how cool is that Brique? I could build a whole cheesy wall out of it!

What you find with the Mt. Lofty brand is a creamy rather than salty selection, a vast array of Cow’s and Goat’s milk and a clean looking cheese. What’s the point of having a cheese that tastes awesome but doesn’t look the part?
So of course we wanted to make it fit the taste/look comparison with every inch.
We wanted to make it as easy as possible to see what milk was used for each cheese, hence the different animal silhouette. There’s no reason to be looking at the ingredients list to tell what you’re putting in your mouth, just a nice little picture (which is super cute… I hear that enhances the taste?) and you’re all set for impressing the whole family about how much of a cheese connoisseur you are!

All that’s left to discuss is…
Where to start?