BBQ Done the American Way

Cheese Wire
25 Jan 2019

There’s no doubt that us Aussies love a good BBQ. I mean who wouldn’t be when you get a summer as beautiful as we do!
And when it comes to taking a BBQ sauce to the next level, there’s only one of other place in the world that really pushes the boundaries… the USA.

Mix it all together and you get the best of both BBQ worlds!

Lillie’s Q has captured the unique flavours of BBQ from all over the US of A and manufactured it so us, the (self proclaimed) legends of the BBQ, can take it to the next level!

The variety in flavour you get from Lillie’s Q is genuinely quite amazing. From the palate kicker Hot Smoky, to the sweet Carolina , to the mustard inspired Gold. There is not a single wrong choice you can make.

If you’ve gotten this far in and you’re thinking “there isn’t a possible way this BBQ could get any better!”, prepare yourself, because we’ve also got Rub!

The Q rub is a salt-based rub with pepper and garlic, the perfect starting point for additional flavouring in your meat. The Carolina ties in with the sweetness of Carolina sauce, perfect for your slow cooked meats and even to add on your chips.

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