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19th April 2011

Blue Cow French Style Triple Cream

Blue Cow Cheese Company is delighted to bring to the market our new Triple Cream. Inspired by traditional French cows milk Triple Creams, Blue Cow French Style Triple Cream (180g) is an individual round cheese which is characterised by its soft white bloom on the exterior and a clotted cream dense paste in the middle. Made from milk sourced in Gippsland Victoria, this cheese has a lovely melt-on-the-palate flavour and richness that will compliment an Australian sparkling or Champagne wine. Serve at room temperature with crusty bread.

OTR Fire Engine Red

I must first explain OTR as it refers to Old Telegraph Road in Jindivick Victoria. This part of Gippsland in Victoria produces wonderful milk from which great cheese can be made. Gippsland is situated about two hours south east of Melbourne. The Old Telegraph Road product range is made following the age-old European method that allows for increased maturing time so the cheeses will develop real flavour.

This cheese has been named in honour of the Fire Engines and the Firemen who fought tirelessly to defend the Jindi factory in February 2009. This cheese expresses many of the characteristics of those wonderful people - it's powerful and courageous, aromatic and at times challenging, but let it work over the palate and the memory will linger on.

The red rind occurs by regularly scrubbing the cheese with Brevibacterium linens. The effect of the bacteria contributes to the strong and at time overpowering aroma of this cheese. One might well ask, "How can a cheese that smells so bad taste so good?". In true French tradition it is recommended for first timers to peel the rind back and scoop the cheese from the middle. Its flavour characteristics will include caramel and cauliflower and cabbage; it has a soft texture and is a truly flavour driven cheese.

Announced at the Australian Grand Dairy Awards in Melbourne tonight, Victoria’s own Jindi Old Telegraph Road Fire Engine Red has won the prestigious Grand Champion Award 2011 and Best of Category Award for Washed Rind Cheese. Having won a bounty of local and international awards, this win has taken Jindi even higher in the cheese world.
"Our Brie first put Jindi on the map having won the Best Brie in the World in 1996, 2002 and 2004. This award for our Washed Rind confirms our two Champion Awards in the last 12 months at the Brisbane Cheese Awards and ASCA Melbourne Show. Our Blue also achieved the highest-ranking at the 2010 World Cheese contest. Naturally we are extremely proud of this success!" comments champion cheese maker Franck Beaurain.

Privately owned and one of the largest Australian specialty cheese manufacturers, Jindi Cheese is located in the heart of the Victorian dairy belt in West Gippsland. Normandy-born Franck Beaurain joined the company with the objective of making the name Jindi synonymous with innovative quality cheese making. This award has made his objective even more of a reality.
“I am both proud and excited to see another of our wonderful cheeses awarded with this honour”, Franck comments. "As a team, we are passionate about our craft and have nurtured our cheeses to create the very finest quality and flavour; Jindi Old Telegraph Road Fire Engine Red is a stunning example of our efforts."

Nicholas Bath
Managing Director

Wednesday, April 20, 2011